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Tiny Abode has created an excel budget spreadsheet  to help potential tiny house builders stay on track financially.  Find more information here

The Tiny Abode team has designed a excel ‘budget’ template for any future Tiny Home builders. It includes all the main things you may need to buy or source when building a Tiny Home so you can start thinking about how much your adventure will cost you. 

We have done all the hard work for you and set up all the formulas so you can just put in the numbers and get nice pie graphs or see visually if you are under or over budget. If you would like this excel template then give us a quick email at and we’ll send you one.




Our incredible friends Kaelyn, Lucy, Whitney, and Megan are featured in the August 2014 issue of DIVA Magazine, the UK’s top-selling lesbian & bisexual magazine. Not only are they featured, they’re on the cover! Get a hard copy or a digital copy today on their website, If you subscribe to DIVA, you get 2 exclusive covers as well!

We are so proud of these amazing women, not only for what they do for the LGBT community on a daily basis, but also for everything they have personally accomplished. We feel honored and blessed to call you all our friends. Show your support for these lovely ladies and an incredible magazine and get your issue today!

Kaelyn and Lucy on YouTube:
Whitney and Megan on YouTube:


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